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Work out, play sports, continuing learning Federal Law to beat my case.
Steven Braden #18807-075 USP LEE U.S. PENITENTIARY P.O. BOX 305 JONESVILLE, VA 24263
August 14, 2023
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Hi ladies.  I'm 100% a man and was born in the greatest year "1969."  About me, I'm cool, energetic, funny, smart, articulate and intelligent despite my background which I'm paying for my mistakes and debt to society.

I'm 53 years old, don't look it.  I work out and study federal law.  I'm a non-smoker, no drugs or alcohol.  I'm locked up for possession of 3 firearms and intent to distribute cocaine and crack cocaine.  I stood 10 toes down and went to trial and lost.  That was the biggest mistake I could of made trying to fade the government with no high school diploma or a low degree like I can beat the government.

I got career offender and armed career criminal because of my prior convictions and I was sentenced to 45 years in July of 2009.  My case happened in January of 2008.  But if my dumb self would of copped to the 211 months before they added all these enhancements I would have been out.  But its 15 tears later and my case is still in court under the First Step Act because the 45 year sentence is unheard of in a case like mines.  So God is working and I have bettered myself as a man.  I've taken many classes, but I'm trying to accomplish my goal of getting my GED.

But I'm fed up doing this time by myself.  I need a female friend to talk to so I can stay focused.  I'm 100% real.  If you like my profile feel free to write me.


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