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Summer 2027
Catering Assistant, Security Guard
Working, programming, studying, exercising, etc.
Cedric Conner #15915-035 FCI BASTROP P.O. BOX 1010 BASTROP, TX 78602
August 14, 2023
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My girlfriend and I are a black gay couple.  I'm originally from the MS Coast.  I was born in Ocean Springs to a single Mom.  Her drug addiction lead to my adoption.  My new family raised me in the city of Jackson.  All of my siblings were adopted except for my oldest sister.  My adopted dad passed away 2 years ago.  I currently have no relationship with my family due to personal issues I have with them.

Keisha is originally from North Carolina.  Her home is currently in Milwaukee, WI.  We're planning on moving to Texas upon my release.  Our goal is to start a real estate business.  I'm strictly on the down-low, bisexual and fully versatile.  Only my brother knows about my lifestyle.  I'm not ashamed to tell other family members.  I enjoy keeping my personal life private.

Keisha is a 31 year old beautiful girl.   We have a variety of interests.  I'm a social drinker but she's not.  We enjoy going out but are mostly homebodies.  I recently got into writing some poetry. I enjoy listening to various types of music including jazz, R&B, blues, etc.

Keisha and I are looking to meet masculine and dominating men for friendship and networking. Singles and couples are welcome.  We prefer tops and other versatile individuals.  Anyone interested in getting to know Keisha and I?  You can write a letter and mail it or email me a letter:



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