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August 11, 2022
April 11, 2023
High School Diploma
Supervisor for U.S. Open/Business Owner
Reading (Non-Fiction)
Attending all available groups
Staying away from negative energy
Focusing on the future not the present
Corey Pearson #549734B
South Woods State Prison
215 Burlington Road South
Bridgeton, NJ 08320
April 14, 2021

Hello Ladies,

My title is Corey but associates call me Mozzy. I am from Newark, NJ aka Brick City. I am 49 years young and behind those shades are probably the sexiest eyes you wanna see.

My hobbies are reading, cooking (especially for my mate), going to beaches with my mate so that we can walk and talk finding new characteristics in one another. I love laugh and joke. Most of all I love to dress and smell edible at all times.

Bowling is fun even though I don't know what makes it fun but I'm usually receptive to whatever my mate wants to keep her happy. I am very business minded thinking long term and not just for the now. I say if there is no finance, then there can't be romance.

Why I chose this forum?  I've sat in prison for 10 years all because I wanted to get out of a stagnate relationship where I treated a woman like a woman, but instead of her letting go she chose to put me here after saying "If I can't have you, she can't either." So I need a woman that's good for me and my beliefs and plans in life. Someone who brings me peace, progress, and pleasure. She has to be down with me to feel my strengths and crave my love just as well as attention and feel safe tucked at my side and is confident that everyday I am making the right moves for her and our family as well as myself.

What do I want from you?

The best that you have to offer instead of the least and the easy. This is not about me needing money or trying to seem vulnerable woman because I do not have money problems. This is about someone getting the chance to choose me for once without seeing material things that attract.

Race, size, age is not an option but just know I DO NOT have R.Kelly in me so underage girls there will NOT be no bumping no grinding on my watch.





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