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High School Diploma
CEO of recording label, clothing line, rental property and sold classic cars
Taught Education Course
Suicide Companion
Taught emotional self help Group
Edward McKissick #08298-068
USP Beaumont
P.O. Box 26030
Beaumont, TX 77720
November 3, 2020

Hi, my name is Eddie my friends/associates call me Calie. I am a pisces, my birthday is March 3. I AM 6ft, 198lbs, very solid and well built. I am currently incarcerated in the federal system. I was sentenced to 10 years for distribution for Cocaine. my release date is 2024 with my good time. If I complete the drug program (RDAP), I will be released early May 2023, or the end of 2022 with halfway house.

Before my incarceration I was living in the south (Chattanooga, TN) I am not from the south, but I've been living there for the last several years before my current situation.

Love sports, Im a die hard Pittsburgh steelers fan, and a Lebron James fan (Go Lakers). I am also into fashion real heavy. I had my own clothing line before my incarceration. I have been designing a new line called Definition Clothing. I design inspirational clothing to fit peoples personalities, and what defines them on a day to day basis. I have slogans/designs. I will be the t-shirt king of apparel. Son remember the name DEFINITION CLOTHING, what defines you?

I consider myself a very openminded person. I am not judgmental, because I don't want to be judged. I love to have meaningful conversations about life in general. I am very kind hearted, sometimes too kind hearted. I am very bi on loyalty, respect, and most all communication. I think all friendships or relationships last longer when people use those things from the very beginning. I love to express how I feel to a person, that way we always know where we stand. I am far from shy but at the same time I am not overly aggressive. I allow a woman to be a woman to the fullest. life is about taking chances, you never know what's out there util you give it a try.

I am not on this service because I am trying to mislead anyone in the wrong direction, or hurt anyones feelings(not my style). I genuinely want to meet someone who I can build with and be honest with. I am just looking for a solid friendship. if it builds into something special then so be it, but no pressure. Looking for someone who is open-minded and not judgmental. I am just looking for a fresh friendship with someone positive, beautiful, outgoing, sexy, and willing to take a chance with a good man.

I am looking for that woman that is tired of the same old boring men, and doesn't mind taking a chance at something new. Looking forward to hearing from you. Please I encourage you to write letters due to the prison lock downs it may be longer for me to respond to emails, but if emails are your thing then by all means email away. if it is not that much trouble please send photos and email address with your 1st correspondence.

PS. If you decide to use emails Corrlinks emails is what the prison offers. You can download the app, 10x easier to follow. if you choose to use corrlinks you will have to respond on a laptop or desktop. email will not work on a cell phone unless the app downloaded. It takes about 2 hours for an email to be received, and you must accept the corrlinks request from a home computer/laptop the very time so please send your email address, so I can send you a corrlinks request.

Thank you for your time, have a good day, and think of me often!


Mr. Right




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