Some College
Terrible Bank Robber
Working out, studying, reading, keeping busy, and staying sucker free
Jeremy Dugan #75482-004
USP Thomson
PO BOX 1002
July 8, 2020

Hi Everyone! I hope that you are having a great day. Well I'm Jeremy. I'm looking for friendship as of right now, but I'm by no means tied down...yet 🙂 I have been in prison since September, 2011 and I am thankfully, gratefully getting closer to release. As I near coming out of this nightmare, I find myself no longer feeling like I have anything in common with my fellow prisoners. So I am reaching out to hopefully find some outside stimulation that can take me away as well as prepare me for release, like what to expect out there, how to turn on the radio or TV since I no longer see buttons on anything! I was raised to be a respectful man. I fell into drugs and the wrong crowd and ended up robbing banks in order to fuel my lifestyle. None-the-less, I am still a very respectful, caring, considerate man. I do what I say. All too often in life people don't realize that talking is the easy part in doing anything. It's action that is admirable, so I've always thought of myself as a man of action. I enjoy being around like-minded folks that also just like to have fund doing whatever it is we may be doing. I'm a bit out of the times, so I may need someone to bring me out and show me where the fun is at. 10 years in a cell is a long time. 10 days in a cell is a long time. If anyone would care to correspond with me, any race, I'm open to whatever. There is alot of strife amongst us all in the world right now and I am just looking to kindle a friendship and have whatever it is I've been missing all these years. Please feel free to write. I will be anxiously waiting my new friend.

*****This prison I am in will only let me receive letters that are under 5 pages and must be single sided*****