Believer in God
12th, Diploma
Machine operator for Honda
Physical Trainer
George Marshall #R130177
Southern Ohio Correctional Facility
P.O. Box 45699
Lucasville, OH 45699
June 4, 2020

Hello and greetings to all of the beautiful people that took the time to read my intro.
My name is George I am 53 but I look and feel like I'm in my 30's. I'm 6 Feet tall, African American.
My intentions are pure, I am just attracted to both sexes. With that being said, I am attempting to embark into someones interest.
First of all I am a man of independency, I am skilled in multiple fields, I am certified in machine operations, I went to trade school brick laying, roofing, and landscaping.
I've got some college courses majoring in human services.
I have been incarcerated for a long time, do to the lack of knowledge of the law. I was a kid that got into trouble, ONE TIME and it cost me a great deal of my life.
I have nothing to hide, I just feel like when I show my personal business it should be in person, or at least over the phone. I know after we talk you will understand my situation.
Here are some more pluses in my introduction, I have no children, I have no health issues, I am very ambitious, a go getter.
I am scheduled to be paroled in 2022.
I am in search of a good companion of any sex, white, Hispanic who has a good heart and a great personality. I am not into outer beauty, I am into the beauty of personality.
I am a one mans man, or a one woman's man.
After doing all this time, I've realized that all I need is one good person in my life to invest my time in.
It is never too late to start again. I can be contacted by email, however I like to talk on the phone.
Please send phone number so that we can talk.
My life is an open book, and it is so much more to me.

This ad is only a drop of me...George Marshall

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