Some College
Warehouse Manager
College Classes
Michael Dedman #Y26091
East Moline Correctional Center
100 Hillcrest Rd
East Moline, IL 61244
March 20, 2020

My interest are reading, swimming, scuba diving, ancient aliens (history channel show), clothing-optional lifestyle, real estate investing, classic automobiles, furry cosplay (comic and scifi convention costumes), and strong ties to family. I have 4 grown sons but I am interested in having more children.
I welcome communication from females of all ages.
Ideal companion would be of child bearing age (18-40).
My likes are long hair (mid back or longer), short, petite, navel piercing, bare shoulder blouses, and/or dresses, bare midriff and spaghetti strap tops, low rise jeans, daisy duke shorts, miniskirts, sandals (modern day flower child personality).
Clothing preferences are not the sexiest clothing but a defiant gesture to society who forces us to cover up in public. I like women who are comfortable in their own skin and prefers to uncover as much as legally possible in public. Along with American Females.
I also find women of foreign ethnicity appealing, such as central and south American, European, Southeast Asian, Australian, and Sovient Union nationalities.
I like a woman who has her own opinion and is not simply submissive. I like women who are comfortable in their natural look and can go out in public with minimal or no makeup.
I am the microwave king. I like homecooked meals, but I do not know how to cook. I am more than willing to learn, if someone is willing to teach me.