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March 5, 2020

Whats Good Ladies,

Pardon my approach, yet I find it funny and almost hilarious how men are often misinterpret as sexually driven and insensitive bleaks, and some are the likes of which are no concern to me.
But maybe once in a lifetime you'll find Mr. Right!
I am speaking on a man who is stiff enough to ensure you safety, wise enough to provide you a future, sensitive enough to cry with you and player enough to make you laugh at your own tears.
Often intimidated, yet seldom duplicated... I grant you that my intelligence and the most articulate way that I may make this pen scream may make my words seem poetic, my intentions romantic, and my style sophisticated playeristic jorgon, when my only mission here is simply to please, yet I would be doing myself a grave injustice if I would demean myself to be understood.
However, I am at a turning point in my life where as I am seeking for someone not just anyone who would like to accompany me across lifes grand stage, in which this invitation goes out specifically to the reader who is reading this with an open mind, who can look past my indiscretion and judge me fairly as a person. As an award I promise to always impress and import wisdom compareable to only something divine.
And not only I feel my wants and needs and feelings are being reciprocated, will I allow my significant other to feed off of my intellect, but my heart shattering love as well.
To mention my sincerity, devot and overwhelming desire to touch base with a beautiful lady would sound like a sales pitch, yet I consider myself an emotional artist, and if you will allow me to I am certain I can paint a smile on your heart that'll make your beautiful lips follow suit.
I do pray while I'm sitting here seeing your smile in my mind, at the same time in your smile your eyes can see the quality of my mind.
They say all things good to you aint good for you, but what about us.