12th grade, High School Diploma
Enterprising Organizer
Business Management
House Renovations
Chess Mastery Mentor
Albert Price #03366-007
FCI Oakdale I
P.O. Box 5000
Oakdale, LA 71463
November 20, 2019

Hello my name is Al, its been a while since I've been on the market so I am looking for friends who will keep the conversation lit and spicy. I am quite the catch so I enjoy being single and riding the wave, if a challenge is what you seek. I have a very alluring sense of humor and I like laughing and checking the situation if need be. I really enjoy sending erotic letters that keeps the body hot and makes the legs shake.
Also I like to flirt with my eyes and smile just like a rabbit that plays hide and seek. I've been told that I have a charming personality and meeting me in person is enough to make you pass out from my handsome glow and pink lips. So I am hoping someone will snatch me up so I can relocate as my time grows shorter.
I am not afraid to be transparent and open-minded about things that are exciting and worth pushing the limits as long as it keeps me free and available to be hugged, touched, or kissed by you.
I understand that these forms of attention and affection is key so just maybe with a bit of patience we can put it to a test. To understand me is to understand the last of the real-man. I come with no tricks or headaches.
More or less I enter the game as a mango, tropical, tasty, and timely. Still dripping wading on a good vibe to blow my mind.
"Say Sum"