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Love God!
Bobby Burns #B73046 Pinckneyville Correctional Center 5835 St. Rt 154 Pinckneyville, IL 62274
July 31, 2022
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Whats good Queenz?  My name is Mr. Bobby Burns aka Yah'Tay.  I'm from Peoria, IL and this moment I'm seeking a female to hopefully take steps with to slowly grow with...into a true friendship!  Allow me a moment to put you up on a small portion of what I love, enjoy, and dislike.

On the level of love...(God) He's my nigga who wakez me up everyday...Self & Life, what'z understood needs no explanation...My kidz are my better half.  2 boys & 1 Black Queen. Loyalty... I love a loyal hood chic...$ and Cleanliness.  I enjoy allowing my lady to rock my chain. I enjoy working out.  It's the hard work I put in to have a sexy body on this level...not conceited or cocky, it's no doubt confidence on my behalf.  Chess, the game stimulates the mind.  Football is like Chess.  Being in love feelz good!  When it's true - music does something special to the soul...Dislike - Incarceration & Liarz.  Liarz are disloyal.  Heartbreak hurts!  Haterz & Gangbangerz - it's 2022.  If you are not on grown man or grown lady you ain't on shit!

To any female, it doesn't matter if you're extra thick, skinny, black, white, or brown.  If you're reading this please understand I'm seeking female I can honestly say in the future...yeah She's Loyal.

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