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Very open minded, but very spiritual
There are no activities here at this prison
Danny Garcia #BG4667 California Correctional Institution P.O. Box 1031 Tehachapi, CA 93581
July 31, 2022
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Hey.  What's up.  How are you doing?  I'm currently about to begin a divorce.  It's not all emotional and a sad story over here.  It is what it is.  Now I'm on here basically looking for someone to talk to.  Trying to pass time with to get to know.  I've been very bored, trying to try something different.  I've been having this calling to get this membership.  I basically put all my eggs into one basket and didn't produce the chicks I needed to make a productive living.  So here I am starting with a clean slate.  I now know I need a lot more baskets in order to keep a machine running.  Do you understand what I'm saying?  So I don't want to mislead you in anyway and need to be on the same page with you at all times cause I'd hate to have you blowing up my profile saying I'm this & that when you already got the facts 1st hand, so don't get me twisted.  I'm looking to evolve, grow and produce.  If you ain't on that same page please swipe to the left, right, up, or down.  But please stay out my lane.  I'm 32 years old.  I'm mixed with Spanish & Native blood.  I'm on the verge of getting my door cracked open - just need a stronger support system. Now if this interests you or opens your mind to ideas or want to help my cause hit me up.  I'm looking for a loyal hand to not only help me, but will help yourself in the long run.  Because this profile is about to blow up in a major way.  I'm looking to evolve not only myself, but a community.  Which will then grow, branch off, and share the energy.  This world is going to light up in a beautiful way.  It take a lot of hard work, sweat, tears, and dedication.  But that's what powers a community.  Communication thru mail is kool, but if you're not willing to visit don't even waste your time on writing me.  Because I'm looking for contact interactions.  I can receive pay letters so if you're interested write, so I can send a visiting form.



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