Connecting People When it Matters Most

High School Diploma
Institution Photographer
John Abrams #26901-058
FCI Edgefield
PO Box 725
Edgefield, SC 29824
July 29, 2022
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To Whom This may concern:

Life is full of journeys.  Some people enter your life for a season and some last a lifetime.  I come into this situation with an open mind and open heart, seeking a bond and a friendship with a special someone that will last a lifetime.  I hope that this introduction is able to capture your interest and I will be blessed with the opportunity to build a bond and friendship with a wonderful woman such as yourself.  I find myself to be open minded, down to earth and understanding; love loyalty and respect are my values in life.  Without them I feel you have nothing.  At times I can be straightforward but never judgmental.  I have been blessed with 4 beautiful children that are my world and I am very family oriented.  I can be passionate at times and romantic as well.

I am not a big TV person but if it is something that sparks my interest I will sit down and watch it.  I do enjoy watching movies whether at home or stepping out to the movie theater.  I love the outdoors, riding dirt bikes. 4-wheelers, and motorcycles is something I do in my free time.  I enjoy traveling as well.  I feel a good vacation is always needed throughout the year.

I am seeking a woman that is open minded and understanding to me and my current situation and believes that despite my flaws I can be the man and friend that you not only want but you need in your life.  I seek beauty from within and have always been a man to follow my heart so when it comes to your age, size or ethnic background, it doesn't matter because I'm interested in you for you and who you truly are within.

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