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Barbershop Owner, Event Promoter
Studying, philosophy, engineering, writing poetry, sports
Giovanni Mabon #AF4276 Corcoran State Prison PO Box 5242 Corcoran, CA 93212
July 23, 2022
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Attn:  I am no longer on Jpay. To reach me please use or the Getting out Mobile App for Emails & FaceTime.  Use the info below to locate me on the Getting Out App:

Name: Giovanni Mabon    Booking #: AF4276     Facility: CDCR/California Substance Abuse Treatment Facility

It's Don Giovanni, too handsome for prison to hold me for ransom.  Unfortunately I'm currently incarcerated.  I'm just seeking a mature lady friend I can vibe w/the verbal way.  A woman that's stable enough to form that consistent line of communication within her spare time be it locally -distantly -temporary - forever perpetually.   I like a lady that's more devoted than obligated, a woman who ain't timid in keeping it 100 by remaining authentic.  Conversation rules the nation and communication preserves relations.  I'm bilingual but my vocabulary is universal although it still requires a rare woman to utilize her verbal skills to maintain an intellectual conversation.  My ad is not about love but I can reciprocate enough love for the both of us if that's what one is seeking.  I'm looking for a real international connection but if shit was to exceed beyond basic intentions then we should take advantage of those intimate moments.  I mean anything lost can be found again except for time wasted so why not invest in it when its potentially worth it.

About me?  I'm from East Oakland, CA.  Semi vibrant-charismatic persona, debonair, dapper down - highly intellectual, infatuated w/designer linen.  I'm studying for Real Estate, Marketing, and Engineering.

My Type?  I can only receive my blessings however she was sent to me.  TBH I just want a friendship that's semi serious & consistent with communicating.  Chances turned bench warmers into champions.  I'm just taking my chances on something different via correspondence.  Covid 19 made communication a necessity & I need a friendship that's built on mental strength & dedication.  Any inquiries -curious -interested -concerns? Hmu via or the Getting Out app - come vibe with me directly.

Always, Top Shelf Papi.

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