College B.A
Tattoo Artist
Publishing Novels
Adam Anderson #19148397
777 Stanton Blvd
Ontario, OR 97914
March 22, 2019

Hey! Thanks for checking out my page. I am a Sin City boy looking to meet some new friends who can bring a positive influence to my life. I am Originally from Las Vegas, NV but have found myself trapped in the sticks out here in Oregon, which isn't too bad, I love the city life, but I am a great lover of the outdoors and nature. I get the best of both worlds here in the northwest. City and sticks.
I am a tattoo artist, however I am striving to become a successful author and spend a lot of time writing novels. I love art of all kinds, and enjoy writing poetry and music. Check me out ON YouTube *ShotGun Johnny-Secret (unplugged)* you can here me sing and play a few vibes.
I have lived a very hard life and it has made me a hard man. I am envious at those who can enjoy the company of someone with a soft touch, however that is not me. I am looking for someone who is flawed and who is an outcast, someone whos beauty comes from the scars they wear on their heart. A misfit, a gypsy. I understand these things better than I understand polite conformity.
I have had so many people come and go out of my life, I would be grateful to meet someone who is willing to stay. I value loyalty above all else. Reliability and consistency are also important to me. I have a sense of dark humor and not easily offended. Though I find all too often that my brutal honesty is mistaken for craziness... Nah just keeping it real!
I am looking for someone who the same. I know writing can be boring.
If it is easier you can email me by going to accesscorrections.com Be sure to add a "scan reply sheet". So I will be able to hit you up.
I am not a subscriber to "chance" Everything happens for a reason and we all have a destiny to fulfill.
So if you are reading this maybe there's a reason!
Hit me up!