High School, Some college
Computer Technician, and entrepenuer
Most of my time is spent furthering my education, I work in a woodshop and also teach art class
Shelton Bell #59032-018
FCI Williamsburg
P.O. Box 340
Salters, SC 29590
March 6, 2019

Friends know me as a positive person who is open and honest, I love to laugh and entertain, but I also consider myself a serious person who is goal oriented. I strive to better myself everyday, and those who know me would probably say the same. I know what I want in life and I am dedicated to achieving it.
I spend most of my time furthering my education, particularly in business, construction, and finance. I've completed several college courses and accredited building trades while incarcerated. I plan to continue learning, eventually working toward a bachelors degree and ultimately a masters. I teach an art class on the side and spend the rest of my free time reading, writing, and exercising.
I grew up in Florida so I have spent most of my life near the ocean. I love being outdoors, especially around water (swimming, fishing, sailing, etc.) I live an active life style and find enjoyment in learning and spending time with close friends doing things we enjoy.
Growing up was pretty rough. I have always considered myself good at heart, but still... I've made many regretful decision at a younger age. This experience has allowed me to grow in ways I never expected. I believe the challenges we face in life make our accomplishments worth that much more. We all wish our lives would be easier, like hitting the lottery, but its through these challenges we face in life that we come to recognize our strengths and weaknesses, and as a result we become better individuals and make the destination we reach much more meaningful.
I'm currently looking for a woman, who herself is looking for a real meaningful friendship. where we can meet on the mutual grounds of trust and respect, and sincerity. I am looking for a woman who can be my bestfriend and my strongest support, and where I can compliment her likewise. I am definitely an open person who loves meeting people.
so to the genuine women out there looking for a lasting friendship, I hope to hear from you soon.