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Septemeber 27, 2018

First off I want to thank you for taking the time for acknowledging my profile as food of thought. I am currently coming to an end of a 9 year federal sentence. During my prison term I really took the time to get a better understanding of my true identity, replacing living under mentally false circumstances, due to my upbringing and environment. While taking this time to get closer to God, I was exposed to hidden blessings that I had zero knowledge of until I went to the root of myself, now with a new outlook on myself which shows through repetitive action I can share with you who I've became. I am currently a writer, which consist of poetry, with a completion of two books, working on my third. I am in the process of publishing an inspirational/self help book. I am also a mentor, health advisor, spiritual advisor, personal trainer, cook, motivational speaker, carpentry (college course), fundamentals of communication, also working on a second language (Spanish).
That is just the small fraction of my growth. to give a vivid picture of my personality I would have to say I am selfless, creative, respectful, non-judgmental, adventurous, funny, appreciative, confident, one of a kind, sense of humor, kind, a little goofy lol, love helping others, and I live with integrity. At this point in my life I don't have any kids. I cant be specific and tell you what I am looking for because I don't want to block what the creator may have in store for me. I can tell you that if you are "sent" to me your presence will be met with honesty, positive energy, ears that listen, feed back with genuine calculated words that have value. So with that being said, I enlighten you to me. Now its your turn to open that door so I can see your picture.

*Also you can go on btspblog.wordpress.com to view some of my spoken words and poetry.

Yours Truly