Reading, Sports, Cooking, Working out
Jeremiah Holmes #1534859
Gib lewis Unit
777 FM 3497
Woodville, TX 75990
July 30, 2018

Greetings, all genders and sexual orientations will be accepted. Thank you for your time.

Thinking back every moment is a thing of victory, so I decide to write you a letter. This journey seems to share future, past, and present of true knowledge of self preservations. I'm proud of who I am and what I am. I'm flexing (BOON)
Also known as bless, blessed to be at silent rage looking for enlightenment to receive and give to the world who only gets a few. Life is not easily won so lets not be easily led astray. Our minds will balance the essence of (GOOD)
And hold good conversations, good ideas to cast and uplift the foundation we plan to build as friends the worlds has never seen before. My hobbies are writing and selling music, traveling, shopping, designing clothes and hunting. I also enjoy watching and debating about sports, reading gossip magazines, cooking, and working out. I'm a man of no judgement, unless it brings drama to my outlook on life. I'm far game with understanding, loyalty, respect, and (LOVE)
My nickname is Jay-Jay and I love tattoos. With that, I leave as I come with plenty of respect for your time and hope all is good with you and your family in mind, body & soul. I'm out. See you at mail call.
- Jeremiah